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"Filter Kutz EP"

by Arco

Disco Love 07:35


Flapjack Records welcomes Arco back into the kitchen with a sink full of dishes. So let’s get washin’. After the dishes are done we can get to picking about the hot new “Filter Kutz EP”. If you are ever one for Czech Cuisine or Bohemian delight, then this EP will grow on you like a fungus. This EP is celebrated just like mushrooms are at the Houby Day parade.

The first bit of funky fungi is a rare breed often found growing under the tiles of dance floors called “Feel The Beat”. Considering the place that it grows, you really can actually “Feel The Beat” under your feet on the dance floor. It’s a bit squishy, but when picked at the right time, can result in enormous flavor, and overwhelming booty busting on the dance floor.

Sometimes you get into a DJ booth where there is overwhelming evidence of moisture. This is usually due to sloppy drunk ass DJ’s and DJ groupies spilling drinks all over the place after a wild night in club. These types of conditions are perfect for the “This Like That” type of fungus to flourish. You will often find that if picked at the right moment you will get astonishing results, but if picked a bit too early or too late, you will probably just shit your pants.

“Disco Love” is a throwback to a time when it was acceptable to eat the mushrooms that grew under cow shit and get stupid in public. This kind of behavior was actually celebrated. Now it’s illegal, but maybe not in the Czech Republic where mushrooms are a staple in the local diet alongside good times. Either way if you are going to get naked, this is the jam to do it too.

The last bit of fungus among us is an aged to perfection, firm on the outside, but spongy on the inside shroom called “Say Something”. After a hunk of this morsel goes down your food tube you will definitely “Say Something”. You may find yourself saying something like “HOT DAMN!” or “Where’s the fucking bathroom?” Either way you will be saying it loud and clear. You may also find yourself telling all your friend, relatives, and loved ones about this killer new “Filter Kutz EP” from Arco and how it has changed your life forever as well as your bowels.


released September 13, 2011


all rights reserved



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