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"Grab A Shovel EP"

by The Sound Diggers

Groove To It 06:06


Flapjack Records get down and dirty making mud pies with UK corner store hooligans The Sound Diggers. Their debut EP on Flapjack Digital “Grab A Shovel EP” lends to the filthy house music stylings and bad table manners that have gotten them banned from many restaurants across the globe. Just because you play dirty doesn’t mean that your taste isn’t exquisite though. The “Grab A Shovel EP” proves just that with its wide array of palette pleasing pleasures.

The EP breaks ground with the dirty bass line banger “Funk Struck”. This tune makes bass bins everywhere shit their pants. If you can imagine what that looks like and sounds like, then internally you may lose your lunch, but aurally you will cream out your ears.

The second dig is wicked funky space time continuum jam “Groove To It”. The Sound Diggers shovel up a bunch of funk onto a silver platter of bounce seasoned with some nasty good booty shake and a garnish of get the hell up and dance. Don’t worry though because after a plate of this you will still have room for some more.

The next pile is a mound of “The Jizz Jacka”. Some smooth jazz all over your face is necessary to healthy skin. This tune provides not only a nutritious meal, but a slice of silky smoothness that makes you want to rub all up.

The final shovel full leaves you with Jeff Bloom’s take on “The Jizz Jacka (PO!NTF!VE’s Rub-It-Out Mix)”. With some added scat ingredients and crushed red beats, Jeff works up a steam filled kitchen frenzy. His spice is oh so nice and leaves this EP with a hotness on the tongue, not to mistake pleasure from pain.


released April 28, 2010


all rights reserved



Flapjack Records Chicago

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