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"Scrilla Villa EP"

by Jackin' Box

Oopz 05:20
Find Myself 05:58
The Get Out 06:50


Holy pan flappin' fun cakes it's Flapjack Digi #6 already!? Thought we'd be clean outta syrup by now? It's my pleasure to present this sizzlin' new platter from UK's new jacks Jackin' Box. Well known and prosecuted for stealing boxes of cereal (hence the name jackin box-es of cereal) they have been enjoying the perqs of the limelight and also house music stardom from their recent hit "Got To Get Down" on Control Recordings. If you dug that then get ready for a fry pan to face jackcident with the boys from Leeds "Scrilla Villa EP".

First piece of the pie is thump n bumper called "Oopz". This is my fav on the "Scrilla Villa EP" with the catchiest female vocal loop and a boompty bassline. Definitely not a side dish, and best served to a hot n sweaty dancefloor over a pile of fun.

"Find Myself" and the "Find Myself (Lost It Found It Mix)" are the gems in the donuts. These two tunes are like the delicious marshmellows that turn your cereal milk pink and make it taste like heaven. Both are great tunes to kick breakfast off and get people movin in the morning.

Last but not lunch is "The Get Out". It's a brunch time bassline egg beater. It's like that one dish that your mom can only make, but only busts out once a year....only this is better cuz now it's available all the time. I would totally eat it, but it's really made of 1's and 0's. So don't pass up on this delicacy and be sure to share this one with the dancefloor cuz they will thank you for it!


released October 16, 2009


all rights reserved



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