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"Slap n Tickle EP"

by Jackin' Box



Hot off the entrails of their vinyl debut on Flapjack Records, Jackin’ Box duo is back with more funk than you can shake a pixie stick at. Just when you thought the ice cream truck would be gone for the season, off in the distance you hear the looped sounds which send you running to the curb with any loot you can find, only this time two goofy Brits show up and they are blasting their new Flapjack Digital release the “Slap n Tickle EP”. Their ice cream is good, but not for children.

The EP opens with a brand new take on your favorite flavor from their “Licker License EP” vinyl release, “Jazz Bang Part 2”. You would think a remix would suffice, but no, this is a full on waffle cone with 3 scoops and all the fixins to keep you up all night on a swing house infused sugar high. You will have ice cream all over you face and a mess down your shirt once you get to stepping to this tune.

I just realized that I totally didn't write anything about the "Only U" track in the release write-up. What can I say, this track is so dope that nothing even needs to really be said about it. Buuuuut, now that I'm here I may as well tell you that listening to and playing this track will increase your sexiness by %500. Just put some stank on it!

“The Funk Pump” is what all the kids are doing on the corner after they get their goodies. It’s the super slapping bass that drives the kids into a frenzy and often leaves their tongues stuck to roofs of their mouths. Stupid kids. This tune works great after any meal as a delectable desert.

The last lick of this sugary sweet EP is a tune called “Funky Time”. This is the kind of time you will be having in your pants after you jive to this lickory lip soother. Something about good house music that makes you have to crap…must jar something loose. But it’s nothing that a little bit more of the “Slap n Tickle EP” can’t remedy.


released July 28, 2010


all rights reserved



Flapjack Records Chicago

What Flapjack has in store for everyone is some fantastically fun, upbeat, tasteful house music stacked high on a plate of happiness. Remember that warm feeling of waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen where mom had a delicious plate of flapjacks just waiting for you? Do you remember how great they were? Here at Flapjack Records we do em up better than your momma made em. ... more

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