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"The Trapper Keeper EP"

by Jeff Service

So Fresh 06:12


Flapjack Records is back with another totally rad release! Recently raising his D&D status from noob to uberjock, rising star Jeff Service delivers a level 5 magic spell of a release on us that blasts us back to the 80's. "The Trapper Keeper EP" takes us back to high hair, tight rolled jeans, slap bracelet envy, and summer camp flirt fests. Don't forget the invention of Fresca and Mr. T cereal....a match made in breakfast food heaven.

The "A" for awesome cut "All The Way Down" is a total winner. Such a tasty eighties vocal in this piece that just melts in your mouth and not in your hands. Every time I hear this cut it's like hearing the lunch bell ring an knowing that there is a delicious fruit roll-up of unbelievable taste and texture on the other side of the lunchroom doors. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm!

The "B" for bodacious cut "I Love Gooooold" is a perfect representation of the materialistic extravagance of the eighties. I have heard accounts of people that buy this song, play it, become immediately filthy rich, and their food tastes better. It also makes for a wealthy dance floor ;)

The "C" for cool cut "So Fresh" is testament to the "fresh" style of the eighties. Who can forget just how cool everyone looked? I know I can't! I still have nightmares that I wake up in a Taco Bell commercial wearing parachute pants. But those would be the most appropriate pants to be wearing while I am busting out a crazy helicopter move while break dancing to this tubular tune. All in all, this release is totally radical man, and word to your mother.


released February 5, 2010


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