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"These Boots Are Made For Jackin' EP"

by Francis Jilla

Dreams 08:10


On this next vinyl edition from Flapjack Records, we take a minute to recognize a time in U.S. history when alcohol was made illegal. This time was called prohibition and was a very sad time for casual drinkers, but an amazingly profitable time for bootleggers and underground party goers. This theme fits right in with this straight out of the toilet distilled dance record from house music recluse Francis Jilla. “These Boots Are Made For Jackin’ EP” is the brand that underground house goers trust most to get fired up, while other moonshiners bring in the least.

Be careful when handling “Walking On A Beam”. This joint is almost pure grain alcohol and is so hot that if you even think about lighting a match near it, it will most likely give you permanent orange afro. This is the firewater that many a native chief will resort to when the winds of change have dealt a nasty crop dusting. This tune has been famed from the movie “Hall Pass” which doesn’t quite give it the justice it deserves quite like a gigantic tub, toilet, or function 1 sound system will for distilling purposes.

Now if you are thinking bottom of the barrel mash but with a little class, then grab a flask full of “Bumped Up Kicks”. This will have you whistling Dixie in your underwear faster than you can say skibbidybibbidy. Don’t let yourself get too involved with this and the local booze hounds though, or you’ll be howling up the wrong tree eating a face full of knuckles. Tis a good sing a long though, and will remind you of better times after you realize you just pissed in the same toilet you distill moonshine in.

“Dreams” is of classic taste and texture. It’s not quite top shelf moonshine, but a touch above jailhouse toilet tonic if you ask me. This is definitely something you can share with you lady friends and not be ashamed that you haven’t bathed in a few days. Let the music roll off your tongue and cover up any bad breath you may be hoarding and you may just get a kiss, or a slap on the jaw. What did you expect? You are drinking liquor made in the shitter.

So never mind all that jibber jabber, because what’s really important is how you wear it. Francis Jilla - “The Boots Are Made For Jackin’ EP” is pure bootleg grade smoothness. It will smooth over any crowd, and set fire to just about any room, or any object for that matter with its uberpotency. Don’t underestimate the raw power of bootleg booze. As they say, this shit will put hair on your chest and rip it off all in one smooth motion. You have been warned, now go ahead and give it a swig, I dare ya.


released March 27, 2012


all rights reserved



Flapjack Records Chicago

What Flapjack has in store for everyone is some fantastically fun, upbeat, tasteful house music stacked high on a plate of happiness. Remember that warm feeling of waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen where mom had a delicious plate of flapjacks just waiting for you? Do you remember how great they were? Here at Flapjack Records we do em up better than your momma made em. ... more

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