The "C" for cool cut "So Fresh" is testament to the "fresh" style of the eighties. Who can forget just how cool everyone looked? I know I can't! I still have nightmares that I wake up in a Taco Bell commercial wearing parachute pants. But those would be the most appropriate pants to be wearing while I am busting out a crazy helicopter move while break dancing to this tubular tune. All in all, this release is totally radical man, and word to your mother.


from "The Trapper Keeper EP", track released February 5, 2010


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Flapjack Records Chicago

What Flapjack has in store for everyone is some fantastically fun, upbeat, tasteful house music stacked high on a plate of happiness. Remember that warm feeling of waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen where mom had a delicious plate of flapjacks just waiting for you? Do you remember how great they were? Here at Flapjack Records we do em up better than your momma made em. ... more

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