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Sometimes you feel like a trucker, sometimes you don’t. When I do, I love to drive up to a dirty old roadside diner and order up a greasy delicious belly buster of a meal. “Up All Night” is a fine name for such an establishment that you can count on to serve up not only flapjacks, but all manner of greasy delights that let the beats move right through you like a musical laxative. This is the kind of joint you will find dudes like Rescue & Uriah West working.


from "We Don't Sleep EP", track released December 20, 2011


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Flapjack Records Chicago

What Flapjack has in store for everyone is some fantastically fun, upbeat, tasteful house music stacked high on a plate of happiness. Remember that warm feeling of waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen where mom had a delicious plate of flapjacks just waiting for you? Do you remember how great they were? Here at Flapjack Records we do em up better than your momma made em. ... more

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