1. "Good News for Nobody"
    Francis Jilla & Torrfish

  2. "Back to Jack"
    Frankie J

  3. "Do You Know House EP"
    Groove 2 Go

  4. "A Drink Of Jack N Soul"
    Funk Mediterraneo

  5. "Flippin' Da Jack EP"
    Greenbay Jackers

  6. "Witness The Move EP"
    Michael R. Jr.

  7. "Gut Bombs II"
    Nate Laurence

  8. "Humpy Bogart EP"
    Maggs Bruchez

  9. "Top Billin' EP'
    That Peruvian Boy

  10. "Keep It On The Low EP"
    John Pridgen

  11. "The Gentlemen's Jack EP"
    Wattie Green

  12. "More Than Jackin' EP"

  13. "Kung Fu Grip"
    Corduroy Mavericks

  14. "No Batter EP"
    Nick Jagger

  15. "Thinkin Of A Master Plan"
    Funk Mediterraneo

  16. "The Best of Flapjack Vinyl Vol. 1"

  17. "Pimp My Groove EP"

  18. "Torch EP"
    Mitch Kurz

  19. "Egg Sammaches EP"
    Samma Lone

  20. "The Barack Ollama EP"
    Pete Le Freq

  21. "Subtle Innuendos EP"
    Corduroy Mavericks

  22. "Delayed EP"

  23. "Boogie Snacks EP"
    Corduroy Mavericks

  24. "The B. G. & E. EP"
    South Of Roosevelt

  25. "The Basic Freedoms EP"
    Precious Roy

  26. "The Jackin' Bandit EP"
    Michael R Jr.

  27. "You Got Served EP"
    Jeff Service

  28. "Huevos Rancheros EP"
    Samma Lone

  29. "The Mau5 That Jack Killed"
    Kid Vibe

  30. "These Boots Are Made For Jackin' EP"
    Francis Jilla

  31. "Life In Mono EP"

  32. "Put Bacon On It"
    Forrest Avery & Derty D

  33. "I Came To Jam EP"
    That Peruvian Boy

  34. "The Roadside Diner Collection"
    Various Artists

  35. "Cow Tippin' EP"
    Jackin' Box

  36. "Don't Flap Just Jack"
    The Sound Diggers

  37. "We Don't Sleep EP"
    Rescue & Uriah West

  38. "Bite Sized Beats Vol. 5"
    Slater Hogan & John Larner

  39. "Bite Sized Beats Vol. 4"
    Corduroy Mavericks

  40. "Bite Sized Beats Vol. 3"
    Frankie J

  41. "Bite Sized Beats Vol. 2"
    Mark & Stevens

  42. "Bite Sized Beats Vol. 1"
    Wattie Green

  43. "Gut Bombs"
    Nate Laurence

  44. "Filter Kutz EP"

  45. "Unidentified Suspect EP"
    John Pridgen

  46. "Golden Girl EP"

  47. "Hello Nightlife EP"
    Mark & Stevens

  48. "Revisited"
    Benjamin Shock

  49. "Chew The Groove EP"

  50. "Brunch"
    Flapjack Records Presents

  51. "Four Score EP"
    Little Man Big

  52. "Bottle Of Justice EP"
    Wattie Green

  53. "Van-City Syrup EP"
    Kid Vibe

  54. "Hot Off The Griddle EP"
    Corduroy Mavericks

  55. "The Flapjack Sampler Platter Vol. 2"
    Various Artists

  56. "The Willingness EP"
    Will Power

  57. "The 4 Basic Food Groups"
    Various Artists

  58. "Man With A Jive EP"
    South Of Roosevelt

  59. "The Lutefisk EP"

  60. "The Denver Omelet EP"
    Uriah West & Sean Michaels

  61. "The Head Nod EP Vol. 2"
    That Peruvian Boy

  62. "The Cookin' In Brooklyn EP"
    Emil Lanne

  63. "Slap n Tickle EP"
    Jackin' Box

  64. "La Legende Du Chaton De Sexe"
    South Of Roosevelt

  65. "Licker License EP"
    Jackin' Box

  66. "The Head Nod EP Vol. 1"
    That Peruvian Boy

  67. "Sliced n Diced EP"
    The House Inspectors

  68. "Discorder"
    Mark & Stevens

  69. "Grab A Shovel EP"
    The Sound Diggers

  70. "The Dalai Llama EP"
    Pete Le Freq

  71. "What Is EP"
    Chris Robson

  72. "The Trapper Keeper EP"
    Jeff Service

  73. "Sea Lion Woman EP"
    Wattie Green

  74. "The Rope-A-Dope EP"
    Emil Lanne

  75. "Frankie J Vs. Sonny Fodera"
    Frankie J & Sonny Fodera

  76. "Scrilla Villa EP"
    Jackin' Box

  77. "Jacked In Vol. 2 EP"

  78. "Scholars Make Dollars EP"

  79. "On The Come Up"
    Sun City Hustlers

  80. "The Flapjack Sampler Platter"
    Flapjack Records Presents:

  81. "Represent"
    Bryan Jones

  82. "Bashville, TN EP"
    Wattie Green

  83. "Jacked In EP"

  84. "Stepping Out EP"
    The Candy Dealers


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What Flapjack has in store for everyone is some fantastically fun, upbeat, tasteful house music stacked high on a plate of happiness. Remember that warm feeling of waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen where mom had a delicious plate of flapjacks just waiting for you? Do you remember how great they were? Here at Flapjack Records we do em up better than your momma made em. ... more

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