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"The OF Ep"

by The Sound Republic



The tenth installment of Spatula City Records is the not to miss remixes OF The Sound Republic. Taking four TSR classics and giving them The Treatment by some of the best producers in the underground house scene.

Hot on the heels of the extremely well-received Four Piece Set EP's, Spatula City Records just keeps the ultra high quality releases coming. With their tenth release - The OF EP - it is becoming increasingly clear that the lads at SC are here to stay and have injected a much needed does of excellence to the US House market. That being said, label bosses The Sound Republic (Chicago's Frankie J & John Mork) hand-picked some of their favorite tunes from the Spatula City back catalog and set some of their favorite artists to the task of giving them the treatment. The results are four superjams that will appeal to a wide variety of DJ's. First on on the A1, everyone's favorite Canadian - the one and only Jason Hodges - turns in a stellar remix of TSR's Bumpin Enjoyment that shuffles and grooves its way through the trademark Hodges sub-bass n' jacking beats sound that annhilates dancefloors world wide. Another ace remix and notch on the belt for Jason. The A2 is a remix of Get Loose (Take A Breath) courtesy of Nottingham, UK's amazing Kinky Movement, who are making heavy waves with their own label Replay Records & their close relationship with the Inland Knights, not to mention their stellar production skills! The Kinky lads get all funked-up synthy on that ass and deliver a Chameleon'ed out funk bomb that is just oozing with fun, energy, and late night smiles. Flip the records over for the B1, a remix of TSR + J.Todd's vocal slammer Imaginary Lover this time with what we feel might be the best version yet, delivered by Chicago newcomer's Midway Strangers, who are primed to make a serious splash this summer. Their funky, bouncy, acidic slammer is everything a good vocal tune should be. And finally, last but certainly no least, Seattle superfreaks Jacob London (Bob Hanen & Dave Pezzner) get all conceptual on us and deliver the TSR/Spatula City Macromix, which is a tune created by using the parts from at least four seperate Sound Republic tracks, but that have been chopped and freaked to the piont of being something totally new and totally awesome! All in all, there is a little something for everyone on this record, and it's not to be slept on! Remember: What better way to say I Lover You tha with the gift of a spatula?


released April 1, 2008


all rights reserved



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