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"Life In Mono EP"

by Yan

Below Bundle 07:42


Flapjack Records is a friendly place. At least I like to think it is. It is a place where, friends, loved ones, pets, and even ex-lovers are welcome to frolic amongst the breakfast delicatessens and piles of tasty morsels. That is, as long as they wash their hands first. So being in the friendly mood, our Slovenian mate Benjamin Shock invited his good bud Yan to come and experience all that Flapjack has to offer. And aren’t we glad that he did, cuz Yan came packing some heat! The “Life In Mono EP” fit perfectly between a pile of bacon and a stack of golden cakes like a rubber glove on a proctologist.

It is a humbling experience to grab an item of food you have never seen before and shove it down your cakehole. You just don’t know what to expect. In this case, Yan’s 1st jam was sooooo good it really did live up to its name in which its really “Gonna Get U High”. Don’t mistake slick funky bass and breaks for lack of presentation, cuz this bit o’ honey is right on the money.

If friends don’t share, then they aren’t really friends at all now are they? Benjamin Shock decided to punch out a mix of this leading dish that scorches even the most seasoned of cast iron skillets. Bringing a little old school flavor back with his “Gonna Get U High (Benjamin Shock P.Slappin Mix)”, he tosses a hefty dash of 303 spice into the mix which boosts the bump up a heavy notch. The sauce is so heavy in this mix that it won’t just stain, but permanently dye the groove right onto your dome plate.

“Below Bundle” is bundle of joy in the oven if you ask me. This low down deep and funky joint is the perfect way to fill your kitchen with that soulful aroma. It’s that kind of aroma that makes you wiggle your butt as soon as it hits your nose, filling your mind with thoughts of the smorgasbord of tastefulness that’s about to hit you. A great recipe to round out this EP and sonically fill your earhole.

Yan finished us off with “Can’t Beat Irony” which is absolutely correct. This tune pretty much states exactly how I feel about the “Life In Mono EP”. Yan can physically only hear out of one ear, so he actually does experience life in mono. It’s kind of like being a one armed chef which is very impressive and an amazing thing to watch. Hands down, or hand down, Yan still received two thumbs up for an amazing EP doing with one ear, what most producers fail to do with two ;)


released May 22, 2012


all rights reserved



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