Open Your Eyes ft. C​-​Roc

from "Hot Off The Griddle EP" by Corduroy Mavericks



The last bottle is a pungent but satisfying “Open Your Eyes” which features C-Roc’s spicy saxophone swirls. There is a little bit of a Latin flavor happening in this bottle of business which is a bit far-fetched for Kentucky bourbon, but you’ve got to take things to a different level when you are knee deep in a brew vat, have to piss like a race horse, and you can’t get your rubber pants off. Don’t let that deter you from the tracks unique flavor and the overall dance floor appeal of the “Hot Off The Griddle EP” brought to you by Kentucky’s finest, the Corduroy Mavericks.


from "Hot Off The Griddle EP", track released November 15, 2010


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